Graham King

Solvitas perambulum


This site is maintained by Graham King. Write to me at All correspondence welcome.

2021: In November 2021 I ported the Wordpress site to hugo. It is now static HTML served by nginx on CentOS Linux, hosted by Digital Ocean in (or near) San Francisco, California.

2015: I re-wrote the PHP credit card generator in C++. They are still inserted by ccserve (github link).

2012: In spare time during a conference I wanted to play with these things, so I wrote a tiny C epoll/sendfile server, netshare (github link). That served the header image for nine years, until the Hugo switch.

2005: In October 2005 I started using Worpress, which morphed into Wordpress Multi-Site. At it’s peak I was running 14 sites on one instance (for friends and family, the glory days of Web 1.0). The credit cards were generated by a PHP script. I stayed with Wordpress for something like 17 years. During all those years it was hosted by Linode in Fremont, California.

Pre-2005: All the dynamic sections were originally written in Python, as a script that attached HTML headers and footers to my HTML posts. In August 2005 I re-wrote the scripts in PHP.

The picture in the header I took in the Okanagan Valley Canada, in the summer of 2010.