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Timestream: Where does the time go ?

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UPDATE As of February 2008 is closed. I have changed jobs and stopped using it, and no-one else was using it. Life has moved on. If you are interested in the code (free), or acquiring (not free), please contact me on the about page of this blog.

Cheers! Graham

Timestream is a fun, free, web based tool to analyse how your spend your time. You record in your Timestream what tasks you are working on throughout the day – it’s quick and painless. You can then look back and see where your time is going.

I’ve been working on it and using it for almost six months now, and I think it could be useful to other people. It is free software (licensed under the GPL). If you need to know how you’re spending your (work) day, give it a try:

It’s a really simple, easy, online tool. You can enter as little or as much information as you like about your activities – you can enter the information after the fact, or edit the information later. It makes some nice reports. It’s colorful ! It’s fun ! Isn’t it time you found out where your life is going ? :-)

Happy tracking !