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Free credit cards


As you can probably tell from some of the comments in the credit card section, some people don’t seem to understand that the generator just makes numbers that look like credit cards, but are IN NO WAY actual credit card numbers.

So, in the hope of preventing any further requests for a card (I delete about 10 a day), here is the ultimate guide to getting your own free credit card

Many thanks to R from Aus for posting this on the previous incarnation of this site

HEY who wants a free **VALID** cc number with all info? Do you NeEd a cc number with the CVV2 code and ADDrESS?!?!? I did it and NOW I got a VALiD number & I bought PS2, XBOX and a NEW WicKeD GAMING PC 3 GHz P4!! AlL Uz wanting cc NUMBER with INFOS, I tell U ONE TIME, This is HOW u GET vAlId CC numberzzz!! Guaranteed!!1!!

1. Goez in2 ur BANK! Sayz 2 the GIrL at the window: \”Hello, I would like 2 apply 4 A CREDIT CARD\”!!!! Try to look innocent! IMPORTANT! >>Don\’t< < TELL her YET that U want the CVV2 CODE!!! or she WiLL LooK aT u FUnnY & you might give the game away!!

2. She will give u a FOrM. Take the FOrM and fill it in and GIVE it back 2 da GIrL.

3. Go home & get a piece of paper. This bit is IMPORTANT: Write UR NAME & addREsS on it. Then, WAIT a cpl DAYS. Think about that new PS2, XBOX and NEW WicKeD GAMING PC 3 GHz P4 u r GoNNa BUY!!

4. U will get a ENVELOPE from ur BAnK. In it will bE a small rectangular piece of plastic with ur NAmE ON IT. turn it over and there Written on da BACK is a long number, n guess WHAT, this is a ***VALID**** cc number AND a ***VALID*** CVV2 CODE!!!!! Write this shit on da piece of paper under ur NAME & addREsS!!!

5. Now read out whats ON the piece of paper…. u gots a VALID NAME and ADDRESS of someone wif a card, u GOTS their CC NUMBER and the **VALID*** CVV2 CODE!! u will be AMAZED how easy it was!

6. now you got ***VALID** number with all the INFOS u can help eVeRyone here who is asKIN for a valid CC NUMBER, just like youd like to be helped! I helped U, so help THEM, type in everythink off the piece of paper and post it here!

7. NOW, U cn go to a website & buy present for UR MUM or pay ur SCHOOL FEES !!!! or fix car so U dont hav 2 take train wif ppl wot looks @ u

** THIS WORKS!! *** TrUsT me!!!

OK I\’m sick of writing this now