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Michael Jackson


An unexpected page, dedicated to the world’s strange collection of Michael Jacksons.

The pop star

The one people usually think of when the name is mentioned. Yet, I doubt he can write software, he couldn’t recommend a good whiskey, and probably never saved the world. Official site

The software engineer

Author of specifcation and design methodology JSD (Jackson System Development) and of several influential books. If you studied software, you should have heard of him in college. His site

The drink writer

Author of the Malt Whiskey Companion and beer hunter. Malt Whiskey Companion Beer Hunter

The soldier

General Sir Michael Jackson (to give him his full title), former Paratrooper, former commander of NATO “peacekeeping” forces in Kosovo (KFOR), and probably something important in the second Gulf War BBC news profile from Kosovo time, seemingly before promotion More details on the time he saved the world (well, read the article !) The bad side: Seems he was implicated in the Bloody Sunday massacre.