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Memcached: List all keys

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In the general case, there is no way to list all the keys that a memcached instance is storing. You can, however, list something like the first 1Meg of keys, which is usually enough during development. Here’s how:

Telnet to your server:

telnet 11211

List the items, to get the slab ids:

stats items
STAT items:3:number 1
STAT items:3:age 498
STAT items:22:number 1
STAT items:22:age 498

The first number after ‘items’ is the slab id. Request a cache dump for each slab id, with a limit for the max number of keys to dump:

stats cachedump 3 100
ITEM views.decorators.cache.cache_header..cc7d9 [6 b; 1256056128 s]

stats cachedump 22 100
ITEM views.decorators.cache.cache_page..8427e [7736 b; 1256056128 s]

Thanks to Boris Partensky in the Memcached group here

There you go!