Graham King

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Turn on debug output in SVN


After a desktop and server upgrade, my subversion client stopped working. I am using Digest authentication, and it kept asking me for the username and password. Wireshark showed me that the SVN client wasn’t sending the Authentication header. To find out more, I turned on Subversion’s debug output. Here’s how you do it:

Edit /etc/subversion/servers Add this line at the end: neon-debug-mask = 511

That showed me this error: auth: '/' is inside auth domain: 0.

This means that the path I was requesting (the root of the repo) was not considered inside the AuthDigestDomain I had set in Apache.

It turns out that at some point in the upgrade of Apache, Subversion, or a library, the AuthDigestDomain requires a scheme. I had AuthDigestDomain whereas it should of been AuthDigestDomain

So now you know.