Graham King

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Why I prefer Android to iOS

Our house has two iOS devices (an iPad and and iPod Touch), and two Android devices (Nexus 7 tablet, Samsung Galaxy phone). The Androids are newer than the iOS. So far, I prefer the Android devices for these reasons:

  • Android is multi-user. Just swipe down, select a different account. iOS seems designed for individuals living alone.
  • Widgets on the home screen. Just by glancing at my Nexus 7’s screen I can check my email, my calendar, and the weather. iOS’s home screen is just a list of all your apps.
  • AdBlock Plus. Android has an AdBlock app, which tries to block in-app adverts.
  • Internal access – Terminal, Disk usage, RAM usage, etc. I feel more comfortable with a device that gives me that level of knowledge. Android holds it’s users in higher regard than iOS.