Graham King

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Office Mum


Mum’s, over the course of being Mums, develop an extraordinary ability to manage a house, put up with squealing brats, multitask, remember a range of important unconnected information, and generally get things done under duress.

If you run a high-tech company, have you ever thought that your techies were maybe a little childish ?. They need someone to feed them (at lunchtime), remember everything for them (such as renewing their passports), all the whilst putting up with their antics.

Enter the office mum. Think of an office mum as a PA on, euh, tea. Mums who’s children have left home adopt your company as their child, and manage everything whilst putting up with your techies. The Mum gets money and recognition, the techies get babysat and home cooked lunches, and you (the person-in-charge) get happy productive techies and don’t have to put up with any dramas.