Graham King

Solvitas perambulum

10 ways to kill a pig


Art at work

This is the webgroup’s first online gallery show. It is titled 10 ways to kill a pig.

Pig In a Box

Pig In A Box

A scathing critique of the established order, Pig In A Box is the Webgroup’s first work. Notice the pill. ‘Big Pharma’, the pharmaceutical empire, is here deconstructed. Why is the pig in the box ? Is he dead ? Did the pill kill him or will it save him ? An homage to Schroedinger’s cat, to breaking free. To hope. Even within our boxes.

Pig On A Stick

Pig On A Stick

The Webgroup’s second work, Pig On A Stick, takes on darker overtones. An homage to Lord Of The Flies, it is youthful innocence defiled. When you turn the pencil, the pig turns.

Pig On A String

Pig On A String

Their final work, their swan song, Pig On A String is the culmination of the Webgroup’s work. Notice the coffee cup – it helps to hang the pig. Free coffee isn’t free. Suspended from office supplies. Is this what office supplies are for ? What they do ? The pencils and the paper. This pig is dead.

10 ways. Why 3 exhibits ? Three is the triumvirate, the magic number, the whole in parts. All parts are one. One is all the parts.

Who is the pig herein represented ?