Graham King

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Eddit: Reddit without the Rrrr!


Eddit is a bookmarklet for Reddit, which gives you more signal and less of the noise that makes you go Rrrr! Here’s how it improves reddit:

  • 50 items on the page (reddit pages 1 and 2)
    • No next button at the bottom. You read then you go back to work.
    • Floating filter removing the things that make you go Rrrrrr!
      • pictures
      • US politics
      • swearing (curse)
      • posts about reddit
      • WTF, OMG.

Right click on the link below and bookmark it, then browse to reddit and click the bookmark.

Eddit: Reddit bookmarklet

Tested on Firefox 3, Opera 9 and IE 7.

The idea is to reduce the noise and up the signal. The filters mean less noise, the 50 items mean more signal, and the lack of ‘next’ button means less distraction.

Eddit uses jQuery which reddit already pulls in. The bookmarklet simply loads and runs a Javascript file from my server. If you want to modify it, here is the non-minified source code of Eddit. If you change it remember to edit your bookmarklet to load your new file.

Historical note: Eddit was originally built on AppJet as a proxy, but that violated Reddit’s TOS, and it really belonged on the client anyway, so it’s a bookmarklet now.