Graham King

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Keithnote is a presentation generator. You provide information such as the title of your presentation, and it downloads relevant images from Flickr. These are stored locally so you can run your presentation whilst offline.

Keithnote is hosted at Google Code, here: Keithnote

There are two use cases for Keithnote:

  • If you have a presentation to make which doesn’t really require slides, use this to create a nice backdrop.

  • As an Improv game. The audience choose the title of the presentation, and an improviser delivers the speech, never having seen the slides before.

There’s a Windows installer which has everything you need to run the application.

Keithnote is written in Python with wxPython, and should run on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX. Well, what y’a waiting for, head on over to Keithnote at Google Code and try it out.

Keithnote is so called because it mixes Apple’s Keynote presentation software with Keith Johnstone, the father of improvised comedy.